Rotary Screw Compressors

Desiccant Air Dryers


High Quality Compressed Air - At Point of Use

The HI-ZORB point of use desiccant dryer is designed to give high quality air at a low budget. However we have done this without compromising on quality. The standard unit dries air to a dewpoint of -40c and comes with pre and after filtration.

The proven extruded aluminium technology is ideal for an array of applications, including dental, medical, powder coating, printing and laser technology, pneumatic control and general manufacturing. The HI-ZORB is available from 5 cfm to 100 cfm and is an off the shelf product for next day delivery.

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Heatless Pressure Swing Adsorption

This proven technology is designed and built in our Burton upon Trent factory by a highly skilled team of engineers working to EU engineering standards. Although we have a standard range of product available off the shelf for next day delivery, we can build bespoke dryers to suit specification applications and private label them for OEM customers.

HPSA dryers are sold as “Plug and Play” and come skid mounted with their own filtration package with pre and after filtration as standard.

These dryers use positively driven valves and full flow non-return valves and have no “shuttle valves” as fitted within inferior quality dryers.

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