Rotary Screw Compressors

Energy Series - Direct driven variable speed rotary screw compressors

ENERGY Series variable speed screw compressors allows for power savings on average between 30%-40% over conventional controlled compressors. ENERGY Series allows for an air supply with minimal peaks, in doing so supplying only the air required for production minimising service costs and operating costs. Designed to operate in the harshest working conditions 24 hours per day, the ENERGY Series controller is able to control up to 6 units from one common control panel. All ENERGY Series is equipped as standard with power filters, harmonising the incoming voltage and protecting the inverter and compressor components from surges.

Advantages of operating a variable speed compressor, standard or permanent magnets motor

ECO screw compressors are able to be installed in the hottest and harshest ambient conditions due to the installation of over sized coolers and a thermostatic controlled cooling fan, extending the operating life of coolant and components.


The advanced computer controller allows for the ENERGY Series to be interfaced with up to 6 compressors.The controller allows for the compressor to be individually programmed to meet specific site requirements, in doing so minimising operating costs. Simple controls allows the unit to advise maintenance intervals and diagnose faults.

Air End

German built isometric air end Quality components Prolonged operating life.

Variable Speed Drive

The inverter and controller ensure for precise control of pressures and volume of the compressor by monitoring production requirements and varying the compressor output and speed without the use of an encoder.

  • Motor starting torque of up to 200%
  • Accurate torque control
  • Torque response time of 1-2 ms
  • Main motor protection and cooling fan protection
  • Direct response air volume to motor speed
  • Air pressure adjustable from 6 to 10 Bar (13 Bar on request)
  • Air supply monitoring and adjusting from 25% to 100% of load

High Efficiency Motor

  • Variable speed driving motor IP 55, Class F
  • High efficiency motor.
  • Low service factor on the main drive motor

High Efficiency Drive System

The air end is directly driven by the electric motor by means of a flexible coupling with an efficiency up to 99,9%.

Energy Consumption Comparison

nput power fluctuation during working time.

Air Cooling

  • Oversized combined air/oil cooler
  • Low discharge temperatures
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling fan
  • Low outlet temperatures
  • Low compression temperatures
  • Extended coolant operating life

Variable Speed Drive

The initial capital outlay of any air compressor represents on average a small percentage of the total cost of operating the compressor over its operating life. The absorbed power of any compressor represents the highest cost of the unit over its operating life.

Compressed air, if incorrectly used, is one of the most expensive forms of services any production facility will operate. The installation of an Energy Series variable speed compressor will on average reduce running costs by between 30% - 40% if fitted with a conventional motor or a permanent magnets motor.

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